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Flexiprobe P341 Plumbers Sewer Camera System

Flexiprobe P341 Plumbers System - Sewer Camera

Where extra flexibility is needed, the P341 Plumbers reel coupled with the compact 1" (25mm) camera offers outstanding performance around tight bends and traps, negotiating most traps (from 2"/50mm) and bends (from 1¼"/32mm).

The Plumbers system is the ideal tool for your small pipe plumbing needs. The flexible rod termination has a built-in transmitter sonde (512Hz or 640Hz) which allows you to pinpoint its location and depth without compromising maneuverability around tight corners.

Available in two lengths - 100' or 200'

Available with the 1" P340 Standard Camera or the 1" P340 Self-Leveling Camera which automatically positions the bottom of the pipe at the base of the picture, helping operators to identify issues and orientate their position.